Download the LootLocker mobile app, connect it to your LootLocker account, and see how game systems, backend services, and live ops tools can be used in a game.

Player Profile & Inventory

View your player profile to select a class, and earn XP to level up, or view your Inventory to see unlocked cosmetics.

Store & Transactions

Add currency to your profile and purchase cosmetics via the in-app store.

Game Systems

View functional examples of Achievements, Collectables, Crafting, Leaderboards, Missions and more.


Read messages sent by the game backend and create more in the LootLocker Management Console.

Key / Value Storage

Create Keys and set Values to be saved on the cloud and viewable through the LootLocker Management Console.

The LootLocker mobile app source code is part of the Unity SDK and can be used to save you time when developing your own game.

Documentation on how the app and SDK work can be found here