Game Developer

Full-time, Remote (Europe & US East)


We are looking for an in-house game developer to build game samples that demonstrate different LootLocker features in action.

The Position

In this position you will be challenged with concepting and developing game samples for PC and mobile devices that demonstrate a variety of LootLocker features. As you will be developing these games alone, it is vital that you are comfortable working with all areas of game prototyping including coding, art, animation, and design. To help you on your way you will have access to asset stores and a freelancer budget when needed.

The game samples and their source code will be made publicly available for developers to learn from or even build on top of. During the development of each prototype you will blog your progress. Alongside the samples you will also create documentation with how-to guides for implementing the features or working with the sample itself.

In this role you will be working with both the product owner, backend team, and software engineers to select relevant new features to demonstrate in your samples as well as provide feedback and feature requests to the backend team and engineers in charge of the SDK.

Required Qualifications

  • 3+ years of experience with Unity3D or Unreal Engine
  • Experience working with PC and / or mobile games
  • Ability to work with all aspects of game development (coding, art, animation, design)
  • Clearly write, document, and explain game development process
  • Excellent verbal and written English

Bonus Qualifications

  • Understanding of SDK and engine architecture
  • Games industry experience
  • A passion for games

About LootLocker

LootLocker is the indie game backend that unlocks cross-platform game services for all types of developers. As a company, we are passionate about helping indie and small game development teams succeed in making the best games possible. We believe that the most influential and groundbreaking games are made by small, independent developers; but the playing field is not level and these studios need access to the same firepower as the biggest AAA titles in order to compete. LootLocker aims to provide all the tools necessary to run a successful game.

LootLocker was founded pre-pandemic as a remote-first company, as we believe that efficiency is created through trust, focus, and most importantly a healthy work-life balance.

Working at LootLocker

We strongly believe that a certain quality of life results in efficient and high quality work. Therefore we aim to provide a salary, (description) remote work environment, time to exercise, and down time as integral elements of a balanced life.

At LootLocker we provide a competitive salary (for a start-up), investments into your home work setup, and flexible working hours to ensure you are able to focus when you feel productive, and exercise or rest when needed.

We also provide:

  • 30 days of paid vacation
  • Employee stock options
  • Free Fridays
  • Monthly game purchases
  • Biannual in-person company get togethers

How to Apply

To apply for this job, click the Apply Now button on the right side of the screen.