LootLocker fits in with the rest of your game's technology so you can focus on building what makes your game special.

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Game Systems
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LootLocker is built to be easy to use making sure you're in control at all times.


Built as a simple RESTful API, LootLocker couldn't be easier to set up. You'll be up and running in no time!

Easy-Peasy UI

Our interface has been built to be simple and straightforward, and usable by all members of the team, not just the developers.

Environment Control

Edit backend data without risk of affecting your live game. Review the changes and merge all the data safely at once.

LootLocker makes building, shipping, and running your game easier - regardless of the game's genre, scope, or platform.

Select from the (fictional) examples below to see how LootLocker helps you at all stages of game development.

Rogue-like Platformer


Hyper-casual / Idle


Indie RPG

PC & Console

Build your game
During development LootLocker helps you build your game more easily by offloading game systems to the backend.
Rabbidt uses LootLocker to easily implement leaderboards and achievements, saving precious development time.
Features Used
Easily create in-game achievements that the player can track and attempt to complete.
Set up leaderboards for every level so players can compare themselves against the rest of the world.
Ship your game
As you approach the launch of your game, LootLocker simplifies platform integrations to make sure you are prepared for a massive success.
Rabbidt integrates with Steam using LootLocker, handling player profiles transparently to store player progress, unlocks, and more.
Features Used
Player Manager
LootLocker transparently creates player accounts to store all relevant data about player activity in your game, ready to be cross-platform.
Run your game
Once your game is live, LootLocker helps you support your game with new content and features, keeping players happy and engaged.
To keep the game balanced, Rabbidt tweaks game assets and configs instead of releasing game updates.
Features Used
Asset Manager
Tweak asset values in real time to make meaningful changes to your game without needing to push game updates.
Custom Game Config
Upload custom game configs and alter gameplay on the fly without needing to push game updates.

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