Game systems

Save precious development time by using LootLocker's pre-made game systems and edit them across multiple platforms, without needing to push game updates.


Implement a variety of achievements that players can track their progress towards completing.


Set up a leveling progression system based on XP and assign rewards for reaching each level.


Create and edit leaderboards that can be connected directly to missions, leveling, achievements, triggers, and more.


Create and edit missions like quests or races. Set rewards and other details to make each mission fun, challenging, and unique.


Create and manage triggers used in-game. For example, reward the player with XP when entering a new map area.


Indicate which items can be crafted together and how they combine to create new items.


Add collectable objects to your game world that the player can collect, track their progression of, and eventually unlock rewards.

Heroes & Classes

Define heroes and classes players can play as, their attributes, and what types of Assets they can have in their inventory.

Backend services

Transform your game into a service and easily support cross-platform player accounts, in-game economies, and more.

Asset Manager

Create and edit assets and asset types specifically for your game’s needs. Populate assets with relevant information.

Player Manager

Manage player accounts using their Platform ID and view their stats, inventories, and purchase history.


Create and manage virtual currencies that can be purchased or earned by your players.


Gift your player an asset through the Player Manager menu.

Time-Limited Assets

Create temporary assets that the player can access for defined periods of time such as power-ups or rentals.


Refund asset purchases through the Player Manager menu.

Loot Boxes

Populate Loot Boxes with rarity-based assets and reward players with them for leveling up, completing missions, killing a boss, and more.

Drop Tables

Rarity-based Asset that randomly selects rewards based on a pre-defined rarity list.

Clans & Friends

Let players add each other to their friends list regardless of platform and allow players to form clans and guilds.

User-Generated Content

Allow players to upload their in-game creations to a moderation queue and curate the content to show off the best.

Live ops tools

Use live ops to keep players engaged with your game for as long as possible.

DLC Migration

Create DLC bundles that can be connected to specific platforms, like Steam, App Store, or the PlayStation Store.


Send messages to all players directly from the LootLocker interface. For example, alert them about new updates or scheduled events.


Generate and export reports to see what assets your players are purchasing and unlocking in a given time period.

Player Segments

Create a player segment based around certain criteria. Then perform actions on that segment, like granting an asset.

Promotion Schedule

Plan and create promotions for specific assets that run autonomously based on a calendar.

Custom Game Config

Upload a game config file that can be distributed remotely in order to change specific parameters in your game.

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