LootLocker is free to use if your game has less than 10,000 monthly users - even if it has been launched!

Active Users

per Month

Monthly PriceAdditional Price

/ 1,000 Active Users

10,000$0+ $7.25 per 1,000
50,000$250+ $5.00 per 1,000
125,000$500+ $4.85 per 1,000
300,000$1,000+ $4.65 per 1,000
700,000$2,500+ $4.50 per 1,000
1,500,000$5,000+ $4.40 per 1,000

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Included in Your Monthly Price

Surge Protection

Protect your wallet from sudden surges in low-retention "Surge Players" playing your game after an unexpected boost in discoverability, like when being featured in the App Store.

Development Support

Need help integrating LootLocker into your game, or unsure how a feature is supposed to work? Never fear - you will have a direct, private channel with the LootLocker team.

Email Us if you have any questions about pricing or what's included in the monthly fee!